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Welcome to my world...

Everything Louder Than Everything Else

29 January 1983
This Journal is now mainly Friends Only

If you would like to be added, please comment on a public post.

PLEASE NOTE: The only language I can read fluently is English. I know a smattering of German, but it's very rusty - I will only add journals back that I can read!

It should be pretty obvious, but anything put in a friends post is not intended to be common knowledge. Basically, if you can see it and there's a padlock, please keep it to yourself!

Goth girl (though out of the scene now due to location, ho hum), with a BA in Ancient History and Archaeology from the University of Birmingham and a PGDip in Museum Studies from the University of Leicester. I'm a vegetarian, and I eat neither fish nor quiche. I have a pretty wide selection of interests (see below, but I really need more than 150 to be listed!).

I live in Milton Keynes with my fiance, the lovely sntnl. We share our place with two cats one cat (RIP Archibald Garfunkle), one cat and two kittens, lots of cacti and a giant cardboard squirrel named Cuthbert. I am considered a bit odd by some, but I'd rather be odd and happy than "normal" and not :)

I want to be a museum education officer when I grow up (and get all the qualifications).

I used to be utterly obsessed with Meat Loaf (hence the name), I'm less obsessed now, but I'm still a big fan.

Here are some of my dislikes: racism, homophobia, intolerance, backstabbing, cruelty, liars, whistling, marmite, quiche, synthetic orange flavours, spiders, unreliable public transport, rap music, people treating buses like mobile discos, root beer, road runner (meep meep indeed!), hypocrisy

In other words, I like listening to these albums:

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...and just because I find these sort of things fun/a good procrastination device (delete as appropriate):
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